We are…

Parallel City Code & Creative

Web content strategy, production, and management. Software and application development. Copy writing and editing.

We are based out of Calgary, Canada, but have clients across North America and are comfortable working remotely.

about PC3

We help teams with digital-based projects and specialize in software and application development, website strategy, production, and management, copy writing and editing, and more. Email us.


Web Content Strategy, Production, and Management. Communications and Copy Writing and Editing. Digital Project Management.


Languages and Environments. Methodologies. Applications.

Courtenay’s creative core skills include the following:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
  • WordPress and various other content management systems and e-commerce platforms
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator
  • Google Workplace and Microsoft Office (including Access)
  • Asana, Harvest, Trello, Basecamp, QuickBooks, GitHub

James’s coding core skills include the following:

  • JVM, Java, Scala, Groovy, Grails, Ruby, Rails, J2EE, Spring, JSP, JQuery, React, Dojo, JUnit, PHP, Laravel, RSpec, DynamoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Apache, HAProxy, Nginx, AWS, S3, EC2, CloudSearch, Redshift, Lambda, SNS, SQS, SWF, RDS, QuickSight, CodeDeploy, CodePipelines, CloudWatch, IAM, Google Identity, Android, Docker, JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Agile, SoA, SaaS, Functional Programming, REST, Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming
  • Single-Page Applications, Serverless Web Applications